Living beside Mark Chao costs additional 10k

Not because he's the neighbor from hell or anything...according to the new talk show No Problem Miss, celebrity guest Hsieh Li-Chin claimed she can charge an extra 10k (NTD) for rent because her neighbor is none other than Mark Chao! Her house is located in the city of Xindian and it is 40 Tsubo (approximately 1423 sq. ft.) in size. Local real estate websites estimate the average rent for the area at around 20 to 40k.

Despite setting the rent at NT$35,000, Hsieh still received many inquiries from prospective tenants. The talk show invited a Feng Shui master to check out her place. He gave it a mark of 100 and said whoever moves in will experience a big surge in wealth, plus they will get to live beside a “handsome guy”. Fortunately, no one is silly enough to take on Hsieh Li-Chin’s offer yet, so she will be moving into the house herself.

Mark Chao took two days off after his trip to Berlin before starting promotions for the Monga OST. He and costar Ethan Ruan performed the song “Tonight Tonight” and fans apparently couldn’t get enough of his “singing”. His management company promises that he will sing again for the movie version of Black & White, which is set to begin filming in June. Concerning news of him hiking up the local rent, Mark Chao said he knows Hsieh Li-Chin lives nearby but he didn’t know she was putting up her house for rent. He said, “If I can really help push the housing market forward, real estate companies are welcome to hire me for endorsements.”
Mark Chao has been seeing Ethan Ruan more often than Janine Chang...

It was also reported that he and rumored-girlfriend Janine Chang have broken up after spending the past several months apart. In response, Janine Chang’s manager denied they are a couple and said she is busy preparing for her graduate school exams. Meanwhile, Mark Chao’s side said, “The paparazzi are at his front door. He stays home whenever he’s not working.” An insider “friend” revealed that they haven't broken up yet, they are just kind of “stuck”.

Here is Ethan Ruan and Mark Chao's Tonight Tonight

Source: Chinatimes, UDN, jn153777's Channel

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