A-Lin’s batting puts baseball husband to shame; hits Shin in groin with ground ball

Female Taiwanese pop singer A-Lin, whose husband is a baseball player in Taiwan’s national professional baseball league, invited fellow male Taiwanese music artist Shin to try their skill at the batting cages. The end result was that not only was A-Lin’s batting average ended up sucking after their batting run, but the pitching machine ended up striking the female singer in the thigh. To make matters worse, a ground ball swatted by A-Lin ended up hitting her musical companion Shin in the groin (ouch!). When asked if she hadn’t asked her baseball player husband for some baseball advice, A-Lin confidently responded, “I’m a sports fan. I’m fine with just watching.” A-Lin also revealed that she’s not allowed to touch her husband’s baseball equipment, since it would bring “all sorts of bad luck”.

Shin and A-Lin both agreed to meet up at some outdoor batting cages park in Neihu (a fancy business district of Taipei). Barely having even started their fun, A-Lin bravely announced, “We came to make a bet. The loser has to buy 100 of the other person’s album.” It turned out that A-Lin mistakenly thought that she received her husband’s baseball specialty, and that her batting skill was lacking when she couldn’t even hit one single ball. A-Lin was even on the receiving end of a 100 KPH baseball pitch that smacked her thigh, which resulted in her outright screaming, “That hurts!”

Not Allowed to Touch A-Lin’s Husband’s Baseball Equipment

Turns out that even though Shin took pleasure in the misfortune of A-Lin by hitting two balls, since he wasn’t careful, Shin got hit in the groin from a ground ball and grimaced in pain as a result. Shortly after that, A-Lin and Shin challenged each other in throwing baseballs at a 3x3 grid board that involved hitting all nine targets on that board. Even though A-Lin became happy in hitting 2 of the 9 targets, she unexpectedly began to pout not too long after by saying “I don’t have any more energy in my hands!” She therefore decided to cheat by running up to the target to sneak in a closer pitch, but she ended up slipping in the process and was laughed at.

A-Lin argued that she herself would only watch her husband play baseball, and that not only is she not capable of playing baseball, but that her husband forbid her from touching his baseball equipment, since he is very superstitious that doing so would bring bad luck. When A-Lin wasn’t careful and touched her husband’s helmet, her husband shouted, “Didn’t I tell you not to touch my baseball equipment?!” To this day, A-Lin’s husband hasn’t touched that helmet.

After playing some baseball, the two of them went to challenge each other in a safe game of arcade basketball. Using his height of over 6 feet tall to his advantage, Shin was able to dominate in the challenge with a score of 292 points to A-Lin’s 105.

 Left: A-Lin posing her "I can't hit anything" baseball stance with Shin not protecting his groin
Right: A-Lin's baseball player husband who is a crappy baseball teacher to A-Lin

Source: Apple Daily

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