Lin Chi-Ling and Ethan Ruan lead all-star event for their modeling agency

One of the top modeling agencies in Taiwan, Catwalk, gathered its stars to start off the first day of work in the year of the Tiger. The models/actors were brought together for a prayer ceremony on the 22nd. Among those who were in attendance included Lin Chi-Ling, Ethan Ruan, Joe Cheng, Tiffany Hsu, Sonia Sui and Bianca Bai.

Supermodel-turned-actress Lin Chi-Ling was the center of attention at the event. Chi-Ling jie jie (referring to an older sister) will put marriage aside this year as she continues to focus on her acting career. She is rumored to be guest-starring in a new Japanese drama with Kimura Takuya. In regards to netizens mocking them as a “long-short legs” pair, she responded, “That won’t be the case. I’m usually quite petite. It’s not confirmed yet anyways. If (the collaboration) happens, I will really look forward to it. I will also try my best.”

In addition to Lin Chi-Ling, Ethan Ruan received a lot attention for his success with the smash hit Monga. Lin Chi-Ling complimented his acting in the movie and predicted a Golden Horse nomination for him. Ethan Ruan remained humble and said, “In my heart, Chi-Ling jie jie has always been a great performer. To me, (I) hope to get more opportunities, and perform them more perfectly.”

The event was also a rare occasion for Ethan Ruan and girlfriend Tiffany Hsu to be “on the same stage”. When asked by the media if he plans to get married, Lin Chi-Ling came to his rescue and said he must have respect for seniority. Ethan Ruan agreed and added, “If Chi-Ling jie jie doesn’t get married, no one is allow to get married!”

A clip of the stars of Catwalk

Source: Nownews, UDN, Chinatimes

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