Jordan Chan marries his “best wife" in Las Vegas

Hong Kong star Jordan Chan married his long-time girlfriend actress Cherrie Ying on the first day of the Chinese New Year. The couple traveled to Las Vegas to have their wedding ceremony at the Little White Chapel with their family and friends in attendance. The rumored-to-be-pregnant bride was dressed in a lovely wedding gown by Vera Wang that reportedly cost 420k (NTD).

Since they were getting marry in the US, Jordan showed off his excellent command of English by calling his bride “You are my best wife”, instead of “You are my best friend, my wife”. His wife Cherrie must have been thrilled to hear that she is the best out of all his “wives” as her tears turned into laughter. Before the ceremony ended, Jordan came back with another line to impress her by saying “Care you every moment.”

In response, Cherrie expressed her promise to the groom in Chinese, “When the whole world doesn’t understand you, I will still try to understand you. Even if the world leaves you, I still won’t leave you. I know you are a child, but you are a good-hearted person. Don’t worry, I will take care of you.” The couple walked out of the chapel with the groom’s arm wrapped around the bride’s, but guests quickly reminded them that it should be the other way around. They had a wedding party at the nearby Bellagio Hotel and will be holding their wedding banquet in Hong Kong this November.

Source: Appledaily HK/TW, Mingpaonews

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