JJ Lin’s new MV “X” brings together both sexy and eerie visual concepts

JJ Lin’s latest album “100 Days”, finally gets its own MV after being a favorite amongst many of his fans. The theme of the song itself may sound anti-war to listeners of the song, but the Singaporean singer wanted to express that life is like a war where pressure is the enemy and the fight exists in order to achieve that balance in life. This interpretation by one of Mandopop’s top veteran talents definitely adds an extra layer to the hauntingly addictive beats and powerful lyrics in the song.

For his latest MV, JJ plays host to a female “love interest” donning a sexy black dress, with imagery that hints at a romantically ambiguous premise that may be slightly connected to a graffiti message of “I can see through you” at the MV’s start. The plot isn’t brought into detail as the earlier MV for “Jia You”, but instead leaves the plot vague and focuses more on the visual concepts. This part the MV does well, albeit in an unexpected manner. At first, the MV introduces a sexy feel as the female co-star caresses JJ and poses in various steamy stances. By near the second half of the MV though, we’re introduced to an eerie visual element as we suddenly witness an X-ray view of their skeletal structure that remains prevalent throughout the rest of the MV. Pretty much two contrasting styles put together in one MV.

With “X” being his fourth MV, there’s a chance that this may be his last MV for “100 Days”. The MV is an interesting watch and a most excellent listen, so if it really is the final MV for his latest album, it’s a fitting conclusion to a fine album.

Check out JJ’s latest MV, courtesy of awesome MV source urasiansourceCpop2!

JJ Lin’s “X” MV [SD]:

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