JJ Lin shows off Indian accent for fellow buddy Show Luo

Even though Singaporean R&B/Mandopop artist JJ Lin is stylistically different from Taiwanese entertainer/singer Show Luo, it’s no secret that the two have managed to have an interesting camaraderie going on. Maybe borderline bromantic even?  Nowadays, it actually doesn’t seem that weird to imagine both artists getting along, but let’s suppose though that we change the gender in this scenario and replace JJ and Show with, say, A-Lin and Rainie Yang as BFFs. See how weird that is? Whatever the case, the dynamic between the two must be a treat to fans from both JJ and Show camps alike.

The latest interaction between the two comes in the form of a reaction video by JJ specifically for his bud Show. JJ was apparently in Neihu, a classy business district in Taipei, and decided to stream a candid moment by talking about how he’s the dancing queen to Show’s self-proclaimed dancing king title (note: JJ’s mentions of New York, for those of you who don’t know, is in reference to Show’s recent visit to that city for an MV shoot). That alone is weird, but JJ goes the extra mile (or kilometer, to you non-Americans) by faking an Indian English accent throughout the video. Despite all that, I swear that my favorite part of the video is Taiwanese urban musical unit Da Mouth loitering around in the background, not caring one bit about what JJ’s doing.

So what prompted this video? Well, on the January 16th broadcast of “100% Entertaiment”, co-hosts Show and Alien Huang had JJ as company during his promotion of recent album “100 Days”. In one skit, Show would take on the role of his overzealous “dancing king” role and speak in a snobbish American accent to JJ, which was made funnier by the fact that JJ’s already fluent in English.

It’s fun seeing these two play off each other’s energies. Here’s to hoping that JJ and Show continue their goofball antics.

JJ Lin’s Reaction Video to Show Luo:

Show Luo playing host to JJ Lin on “100% Entertainment”:

Source: JJ Lin@YT

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