Jing spends quality time with Korean contestant Seul-ki Kim on Super Idol 4

One of the most memorable moments in Super Idol’s first season was when Chang Yun-jing (or Jing to her fans) first made her appearance as a contestant on the opening rounds of Taiwan’s soon-to-be top talent show competition. Not realizing that Jing was female, the show’s host commented how she initially thought that Jing was female by her feminine name, which elicited laughter from the audience when Jing responded that she was. Since it was an opening round setup, Jing had to sing a number for a period of time while keeping at least 3 of the 5 judges happy in order to move on to the next round. Once Jing started singing though, there was no doubt that she was the real deal, amazing the audience who were initially occupied by her “pretty boy” looks.

Despite her incredible performance, 2 judges still hit the “X” button to mark their displeasure. As it turned out, one of the judges only did it to get some air time, in order to inform Jing that not only did she have the best performance of the night, but that she was the reason that Super Idol was created. The song that Jing sung that skyrocketed her to stardom? Gary Cao’s hit ballad “The World’s Only You”.

Fastforward to now, as the fourth season of Super Idol is down to less than 20 contestants. The theme for the latest broadcast was for the competitors to sing a song from contestants of previous Super Idol seasons, either during their competition run or from their post-competition album releases. One of the fourth season’s darlings is male Korean contestant Seul-ki Kim, the anomaly whom has been hugely inconsistent in an equally competitive field of singers. The song that Seul-ki chose to sing for that broadcast? Gary Cao’s hit ballad “The World’s Only You”.

Fortunately, Jing made a special appearance on Super Idol 4 just to help out Seul-ki hopefully another vicious round of the program. Initially, Jing felt that Seul-ki’s rendition of the song lacked emotion, while also getting a kick out of the Korean hopeful apologizing to the Taiwanese rocker as if though she were her singing partner. Eventually, Seul-ki got the song down thanks to instructor Jing, as the first season winner guided the popular fourth season competitor in the right direction with her singing along.

By performance time, Seul-ki demonstrated that he had a good instructor when he sang the song full of confidence and emotion. Was it enough to please the judges? Definitely. The judges complimented Seul-ki for his deeply ear-pleasing performance, and the host even commented how he sang the song like it was a Korean ballad.

So as Seul-ki successfully moves on to Season 4's more brutal round of 18, the rest of us are reminded as to why Jing was the winner of Season 1.

Seul-ki’s Version:

Jing’s Version:

Gary Cao’s Original:

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