Jing recommends watching scary movie for CNY: “It won’t be scary watching it together!”

Taiwanese singer Jing (full name: Chang Yun-jing), who started her Chinese New Year (CNY) celebrations on the 12th of this month, spent her first day sleeping in before taking a special jog to rent a movie. “Actually, I especially recommend that everyone go watch a horror movie like 'Paranormal Activity', because I won’t dare watch it by myself. CNY is a time for family, and fortunately everyone can watch it together. First of all, it won’t be that scary, and secondly, you can satisfy your curiosity of being frightened! Furthermore, when you get scared, you can still support each other, and luckily you can enhance that bonding!”

Jing especially recommends that everything watch the deeply romantic movie “The Time Traveler’s Wife” to celebrate CNY, pointing out that the plot of the movie made her cry her eyes out. “I felt so emotional during this kind of unmatched special moment. It was the kind of feeling that I’ve been longing for since I was a student. Regarding the movie, “After going into the real world, even though it would turn over and reflect on these course of events many times over, it’s actually more intense with this single-minded persistence!”

Bringing up how she will celebrate the eve of CNY with everyone, Jing expressed that she would obviously spend a little more time in the company of her family members. After all, she spent too little time being together with her family the whole year. “Even though I can’t be like my senior Show Luo and wrap a really huge packet, I will wrap many red packets this year, and will then hold a raffle to everyone for fun! During the CNY celebration, I will re-energize a whole lot at home, because I already started collecting songs for my new album. I hope to take advantage of the year break to produce a few songs that can be collected for the new album!”

Source: NOWnews

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