Jerry Yan: The science of great hair

The man. The actor. The hair. Yes, the hair. Who can forget Jerry Yan’s unforgettable hair. Here is a closer look at the great mane courtesy of Chinatimes Weekly.

Jerry Yan plays a lawyer on his new drama Down With Love which is currently airing on GTV/CTV. Coincidentally Van Ness Wu also plays a lawyer on his current drama Autumn’s Concerto, but despite the similarity in their roles, their styles are drastically different. Sharp-eyed netizens noticed that although Jerry Yan has played different characters over the years, his hair remained the same. Whether he is a lawyer, a basketball player or a doctor, the “Jerry-hair” proves that it goes with any profession.

Since his debut, Jerry Yan has been sporting the same signature style with fringe covering his forehead. The “Jerry-hair” is so well known that it is almost his registered trademark. “Protecting” his hair is also one of the conditions when he signs on to any acting projects. No matter if he is playing a doctor in The Hospital, a basketball player in Hot Shot, or a pianist in Starlit, his hairstyle remains consistent. Even in the new drama Down With Love, Jerry goes to court in his signature “Jerry-hair”.

Starlit-Jerry vs Hospital-Jerry

His manager Fenny explained, “Jerry has had different hairstyles. It was slightly adjusted when he filmed Hot Shot, which was a shorter cut compared to what he had in The Hospital and Down With Love.” She added, “Before taking on a role, he will have a discussion with the director and scriptwriter on his hairstyle. With the role of a lawyer in Down With Love, the result of the discussion was to keep the length of his hair. This was done in order to showcase the cuter side of his character’s personality, which contradicts with what most people have in mind as the image of a lawyer.”

Van Ness demonstrates celebrity with bad hair days

In contrary to Jerry Yan's lawyer with a cute haircut, Van Ness Wu sports a short hairstyle that makes him look like a possessed revenge messenger. Van Ness Wu’s manager Katie explained, “Van Ness’s haircut is modified as per the personality of his characters. In Meteor Garden, he had long hair to play the character Mei Zuo; in the Hong Kong movie Star Runner, he had a short haircut that was more suitable for martial arts; before taking on the role in Autumn’s Concerto, he had a beard with long hair. He cut his hair very short to suit this drama.”

Lawyers with great hair

Stylist Li Ming-Chuan said Van Ness Wu's hair in Autumn’s Concerto is what most of the general public have in mind as a lawyer’s haircut. Meanwhile, Jerry Yan’s longer hairstyle is more common in American or European dramas. In accordance to the roles that Jerry Yan has played in the past, a longer haircut is more suitable for his image. As for which one he thinks is better, the style specialist said, “Based on appearance, Jerry Yan is better looking than Van Ness Wu. Professional image-wise, Van Ness Wu tops Jerry Yan.”

Source: Chinatimes Weekly, UDN

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