Jerry Yan beats Van Ness Wu for the best idol actor overnight

Yahoo Kimo recently held a poll to let fans vote on who they think is the best idol actor. Although Down with Love is behind Autumn’s Concerto in the ratings, Jerry Yan managed to come back with over 10,000 votes overnight to win over fellow F4 Van Ness Wu. Despite their votes being pretty even through out the week, Jerry Yan claimed victory in the end and was crown the best actor among idols.
Best actor Jerry Yan is an oxymoron no more!

The poll titled “Who do you think is the idol with the best acting” took place between February 2nd to the 8th, and tallied 171,504 votes in total. Jerry Yan was first place with 30.8%, Van Ness Wu and Vic Chou received 26% and 14.9% respectively, Show Luo was fourth with 7.9%, while Ming Dao was fifth with 5.9%.

Jerry Yan is currently in Japan and wanted to thank everyone who had voted for him. His manager Fenny said, “Because Jerry has always played cool rich boys in the past, there were less depth and change (in his characters). This time is different from before. He has great interaction with Ella that resulted in a lot of chemistry. The two would always discuss with the director to add more things to the drama. Jerry is very thankful to Ella.”

Van Ness Wu was pleased that F4 was recognized for their acting, “This is a very big encouragement for me, I am happy.” Meanwhile, Vic Chou’s manager responded on his behalf, “Thank you for everyone’s support. We have remained focused on acting, and make good dramas for everyone to watch.” Both Autumn’s Concerto and Down With Love will take a break this Sunday, they will be preempted to make way for the Chinese New Year specials on their respective networks.

Source: UDN, Appledaily TW

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