Jay Chou reluctantly becomes the face of Tsing Tao beer

Jay Chou’s new movie True Legend is making its way to theaters in Taiwan, but he won’t be attending the premiere due to prior commitments. His management company is reportedly furious that the movie’s sponsor, Tsing Tao Beer, used images of the star in their commercials.

President Chou hasn’t been having the best year as he suffered a string of bad luck recently -- his previous movie Treasure Hunter was a big flop, his first TV series Pandamen was criticized for being retarded, and he reportedly came up with the idea but dropped out of Monga, which went onto become a smash hit. Adding to his misery, a series of Tsing Tao Beer commercials featuring him started airing despite his company’s protest. It is a common practice for companies to promote their products with images from the movies that they sponsor. However, it put Jay Chou in a tough spot as he has an endorsement deal with Sprite.

Although the TV ads didn’t use any video of Jay Chou from the movie, his image was strategically placed beside the product in the ending shot. When the commercials started airing on the 10th, his company notified the movie’s distributor to remove them right away. Unfortunately the staff at Tsing Tao Beer were off for the Chinese New Year holidays so the ads continued to play on. Now that they are back at work, the Jay Chou beer commercials are expected to be off the air by the 24th.

Here is a clip of the commercial
Jay and his company must be happy to know that the clip is gone already.  Although there's no more video, here is a bigger screen cap of the commercial so we can all reminisce its glory:

Source: Liberty Times, Chinatimes, TRUELEGENDmovie on facebook

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