Jam Hsiao wins back 80 bucks after losing 2 million

Mr. Rock recently spent 5 million (NTD) renovating his family home in the Wanhua district. He was looking for a bit of extra cash before the Chinese New Year, but unfortunately one of his gigs was canceled. After performing at the year-end banquet for the Foxconn Technology Group, Jam Hsiao was scheduled to attend a New Year's eve event in Hong Kong. However, his appearance got canceled at the last minute along with his 2 million pay check, “(I) originally wanted to go travel for a bit, but the job didn’t work out. There is nowhere to go now, (I'll) stay home and be an Otaku instead.”
From the right: Jam's dad, Jam, Jam's mom, Jam's relatives

Jam Hsiao will get an extra long break until he goes back to work on the 25th. He has prepared a number of “gambling tools” like Monopoly, cards and Mahjong to keep him busy during his holidays. Even though he is a newcomer in the game of Mahjong, he has already won 80 bucks against his family. In addition to giving his parents a six-figure red envelope for the New Year, Jam Hsiao will also be taking them to Singapore for his “Mr. Rock” concert on March 13th. His record company will soon release a 8-minute clip of concert highlights on Youtube for fans to enjoy.

Here is clip of Jam Hsiao on the One Million Singer CNY special

Source: Liberty Times, kaigerrr's channel

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