Is Amber Ann and Nikki Deng’s sexy ad too steamy for TV? Govt: We don’t know!

Otaku goddess Amber Ann 安心亞 and lingerie queen Nikki Teng 邵庭 were recently criticized by netizens for being very erotic when the two sexily modeled as spokeswomen for an online mahjong game. According to the incident by the NCC (a government agency in charge of regulating communications in Taiwan), such ads are restricted for airing until after 9 PM. The assistant director for the NCC denied admitting to such news, but if there are any restrictions, then it should be self-regulated by the television stations.

 Amber Ann and Nikki Teng playing mahjong with some residents at a local hot springs.

In the ad, both Amber and Nikki donned corsets and bikinis consecutively for advertising the mahjong game. The content of the advertisement can be summed up in the product’s tagline, “Face off against real beautiful girls”, where players can be paired together against girls who are hotter, excited, and for real. It was especially with the ad’s final line, “Hurry up and win me!” that got netizens who finished watching the ad shouting “It’s porn!” and believing that the content is very erotic.

Amber Ann and Nikki Deng’s sexy ad:

Source: NOWnews

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