HD versions of Rainie Yang's "Tick Tock" and JJ Lin's "X" MVs!

Ah, it's great to be a Mandopop fan.  Not only has Taiwanese pop princess Rainie Yang and Singaporean R&B king JJ Lin released most excellent mid-winter albums, but the duo also let loose MVs of their top offerings to boot.  Now you can also check out higher-quality versions of those very MVs that have been  circulating the tubes below, courtesy of UrAsianSourceTV.  If you haven't checked out these MVs yet, or if you feel like having another dose of Mandopop goodness, then you came to the right place.  Enjoy and stay zesty, awesome readers and fellow fans!

JJ Lin’s “X” MV [HD]:

Rainie Yang’s “Tick Tock” MV [HD]:

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