Hair comes first for Peter Ho even in a snowball fight

Peter Ho was joined by AK’s Andy Chen and Kris Shen to perform at a NHK charity concert in Japan for the 5th anniversary of the Niigata earthquake. He and the boys took some time off to enjoy the scenery and have a little fun in the snow.

Peter Ho offered a red envelope of 10k (NTD) for the person who could make a snowman in the shortest amount of time. Half a day later and with no snowman insight, the youngsters turned against him and attacked him with snowballs. Most idols would protect their pretty faces but that was not the case with Peter Ho. He could careless about his face getting hit or Kris Shen’s attempt to stuff his underwear with snow, because his hair comes first as his most precious treasure.

Following NHK concert, Jerry Yan left for Tokyo while Peter Ho and AK attended the after-party along with other performers like Gackt and K. Will. Peter Ho communicated with the Japanese and Korean stars in English, and complimented on Gackt’s Chinese. He received many gifts from fans and promised to return later this year to watch Gackt’s concert in Japan.

Pictures of Jerry Yan, Gackt and AK from the concert:

Source: Appledaily TW, Liberty Times, Sina

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