F.T. Island performs to 2500 fans in Taiwan

F.T. Island arrived in Taiwan on the 26th for a 6-day promotion tour that included a concert at the National Dr. Sun Yat-sen Memorial Hall. Although it was their first visit, over 500 fans welcomed them while the airport authority arranged for 30 security staffs to protect them. The members looked energetic and have 25 scheduled appearances planned for the 6 days visit.
F.T. Island enjoying their bubble-tea, but leader Choi Jong Hoon was apparently more thirsty than the others...

At the press conference, lead singer Lee Hong-Ki didn’t hold back from revealing “secrets” of the other members. He claimed they are idiots when it comes to dancing, and said leader Choi Jong Hoon can’t even sing well despite being a skilled guitar player. Last but not least, he revealed member Lee Jae Jin’s “biggest problem” is that he likes girls too much.

F.T. Island performed 18 songs in their concert at the National Dr. Sun Yat-sen Memorial Hall yesterday, including "Still" from the drama You're Beautiful. They sang other songs including “Missing You”, “Bad Woman”, “Love Must Have Come”, followed by “First Kiss” in English and “Raining” in Japanese. After showing off their foreign language skills, Lee Hong Ki said he had wanted to study English before coming to Taiwan. His fellow members surprised the audience by responding in Chinese, “That’s all right(沒關係)!”. They continued on with performing “Bing Bing Bing” and “Let’s Get Married”. At the end of the show, the members thanked their fans and Lee Hong Ki said, “This time we didn’t prepare enough songs for the encore. (We) will sing 40 songs the next time we come.”

More pics from the concert:

F.T. Island introduce themselves in (speed-talking) Chinese

Here is a clip of them at the concert

Source: UDN, AppledailyTW, s55662678's Channel

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