F.I.R.’s latest MV for “Summer of Sunflower Bloom” shows love to the accordion!

It looks like February is shaping up to be the month where Taiwanese Mandopop artists with mid-winter album releases are broadcasting MVs for the rest of their songs. F.I.R. happens to be one of them. But let me ask you this: do those other MVs feature an accordion? For Mandopop’s most well-known rock outfit trio, the band complemented their trademark vocal/guitar setup in the song by replacing the drums with an accordion.  And they did it without making it seem lame.

As for the video itself, the band’s latest MV for their song “Summer of Sunflower Bloom” is an abstract MV featuring each band member separately to a faded baby blue hue.  The song, on the other hand, is obviously their slower numbers, and it’s a very peaceful and calming tune. It also features the band’s drummer Ian serenely playing the accordion as Real strums on the guitar, Faye languishes in her vocals, and an orchestra gushes in its instrumentals. F.I.R.’s latest album “Let’s Smile” has better-sounding ballads, but the song for their most recent MV is neither a throwaway track either.

Plus it has an accordion.

Mad props once again to urasiansourceCpop2 for broadcasting this MV on her channel!

F.I.R.’s “Summer of Sunflower Bloom 向日葵盛開的夏天” MV:

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