Feng Shui master predicts a bright future for Yoga Lin

Yoga Lin recently became the subject of a face reading by a Feng Shui master/fortune teller on the Internet. The “master”, who goes by the name of China’s Iron Mouth, analyzed Yoga Lin’s face based on a picture of him from the web. Iron Mouth predicted that he will become very famous at 28 and continue his fame right to 48. After watching the clip, Yoga Lin said, “Seeing myself being talked about like this, (I) was really nervous.”

Master Iron Mouth also had some advice for Yoga Lin on taking his career up a notch. He suggested Lin to buy a villa and build a pagoda inside it. He claimed it will improve his well-being in addition to having an unstoppable career. In response to the advice, Yoga Lin said, ‘It’s good to have a dream, and (I) wish the best for the master, but please don’t do that again.” He said he is not superstitious about Feng Shui, and doesn’t even check his horoscope or blood type. “My mom and grandma would get readings done on me, but I don’t think they are very accurate. In the past, I have been predicted by some readings to become a lawyer, but now I am a singer.”

The filial Yoga Lin does listen to his mom about using his face on merchandises. She had asked him to avoid having his face on life-size dolls or other accessories, in fear of being used with bad intentions. “It can’t be said as a superstition, but my family might worry, so (I) follow their advice.” Yoga Lin had eight days off during the holidays and stayed home like an Otaku. He slept till he woke up naturally everyday, and stored up plenty of energy before going back to his career again.

Here is Master Iron Lips on Yoga Lin

Source: Liberty Times, 中國鐡嘴王

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