Fei Yu-Ching buys 2 BMW’s for his nephews

Popular veteran singer Fei Yu-Ching recently spent 8 million (NTD) to purchase two BMW X5’s for his nephews. His brother, the hairy but popular variety host Chang Fei, revealed the great news recently at the recording of his show. He said, “One day, my sons and I were talking about getting new cars. Fei Yu-Ching suggested that they should go for the best. Since the boys are not that young anymore, the cars they drive should be more respectable.”
Chang Fei wants to call Fei Yu-Ching “Uncle”.

The guys visited their local luxury car dealers to shop for new rides together . Chang Fei originally set his sight on the Lexus 350, but Fei Yu-Ching wasn’t satisfied. He asked, “Is there anything better?” In the end, Fei Yu-Ching generously purchased two BMW X5’s for his nephews. The total came to NT$ 8, 000, 000 and he paid it out in cash. Chang Fei said, “My two sons felt really sorry. I couldn’t help but laugh. With the money I saved, I bought myself a BMW Z4 that cost about 4 million.”

[Update] Fei Yu-Ching clarified that it was less than 8 million, but he did give his nephews very big red envelopes for their 30th birthdays.  He worries that the news would damage his image and wanted the public to know that he will also be donating 10 million to charities before the Chinese New Year.

Chinatimes reports on everyone’s dream uncle

Source: Appledaily TW, Chinatimes

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