Ethan Ruan gets 90...out of 800 for his performance in Monga

The cast and crew of Monga are returning from the Berlin International Film Festival. Their flights were changed to the afternoon due to fatigue, it in turn gave the team a four-hour break before their departure. Mark Chao became a tour guide and took everyone to the local flee market, followed by a visit to the Berlin Wall. He spent 40 minutes there to take in a sense of its history, and said on the next day, “I didn’t know the Berlin Wall wasn’t as tall as I’ve thought until now.” Costar Ethan Ruan dissed him saying, “But (you) found out yesterday.”

Ethan Ruan bought some mugs as souvenir and chose a gift for his girlfriend Tiffany Hsu. She recently gave him a mark of 90 when asked to rate his performance in Monga. In response, Ethan Ruan said, “The full marks were out of 800!” Director Niu explained why the mark of 800, “Because Ethan was very curious of what mark I would give him. I looked into his eyes and said, ‘Actually, this time I give you a mark of 99, but the marks are out of 800.” The director ended his 4-hour break by spending 300 Euros (approximately 13,000 NTD) and asked the media, “Let me know if I win any award.”

Cast and crew of Monga at the airport

Source: Appledaily TW, Liberty Times, gar0922's Channel

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