Ethan Ruan and Cheryl Yang together again for a new commercial

The on-screen couple from My Queen came together once again to promote a supplement drink for women. Ethan Ruan joined force with costar Cheryl Yang for the new commercial and said, “In a relationship, a good complexion makes a woman the most attractive.”

Although Ethan Ruan plays a violent gang member in the smash hit Monga, he is actually quite the caring boyfriend in real life. Despite his busy schedule, he still finds time to care for his female friends. He said, “(I) have a lot of female friends from work. I noticed they often feel uncomfortable during their period. I always take special care of them.” Ethan Ruan shared some tips on how to be a good boyfriend, like making red bean soup, buying her chocolate, making her laugh, giving her a hug, etc...As a responsible spokesperson, he added, “Giving her a supplement drink is also not a bad idea.”

Cheryl Yang left a deep impression on the audience with her excellent performance in My Queen. She has suffered from irregular menstrual cycle due to her busy work schedule previously. She said, “Women should really maintain a healthy menstrual cycle, so their beauty can be sustained. If (your) health is good, then (your) love life will be good!”

Here is the commercial

Source: Nownews, gar0922’s Channel

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