Eddie Peng denies being a big shot idol

Eddie Peng is rumored to be the source of inspiration for a character in the new drama Because of You. The character Fang Zi Hao, played by Lego Li, is a difficult idol star with a prima donna’s personality. Eddie Peng’s former manager Liu Wei-Ci is the producer of this drama, and the character was said to have been modeled after her former pupil.

Eddie Peng attended his first event after wining the contract dispute lawsuit against his former manager. In response to the rumors, he said, “Big star? For sure it’s not me. I’m a small actor trying to make a living in showbiz.” He added that he was grateful to be able to work again after the lawsuit ended. Eddie Peng was asked if he had seen Because of You, which started airing on two weeks ago. He responded with the question, “When does it air?” He explained that he has been busy filming the new movie Jin Zai Zhi Chi and has’t had time to watch TV yet.

CK Watches & Jewelery presented Eddie Peng with a pair of watches as a gift. He said, “There is no one to give it to. (I’ll) give it to my sister!” He is not worried that he doesn’t get to meet new friends from the opposite sex, and said, “My mom and sister often introduce me to nice girls.”

Source: UDN, Appledaily TW

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