Donnie Yen returns to planet Earth

Donnie Yen attended a press conference yesterday for his upcoming movie Ip Man 2. The sequel to the 2008 smash hit will hit theaters on April 29th. He was joined by costar Lynn Xiong, producer Raymond Wong, director Wilson Yip and writer Edmond Wong to preview the movie's trailer and theme song.

The King in Bed/Universe’s Strongest was asked about his famous one-on-ten battle in the first Ip Man. He said he won’t do something like that again to prove his Kung Fu supremacy in the sequel. When asked if it is because he has already been crowned the “Universe’s Best Action Star Fighter”, Donnie Yen responded, “I’ve returned to Earth from the Universe! I put a lot of effort in my acting, and hope it'll change everyone’s impression on action-actors. Everyone tend to overlook that it’s difficult for action-actors to fight and act at the same time. In order to maintain the emotions while being physically exhausted, it really relies on one’s will power.”

Donnie Yen was nominated for Best Actor in the Hong Kong Film Awards last year but lost. He said his on-screen wife Lynn Xiong should have been nominated as well and the HKFAA has poor taste. When asked if he is still angry at them, he said, “Ip Man has already won me 3 Best Actors in the mainland. It's good enough for me. Everyone has never thought of Donnie Yen as a good actor over the years. But of course it would be nice to have one more award. To be honest, I think the box office is the most important.” He said he would be thrilled if he gets nominated for the same role again. Donnie Yen didn’t forget his wife Cecilia Wang who also was also in attendance. He made her laugh by claiming that he is afraid of his wife in real-life just as he is in the movie.


Here is a clip of Ip Man2 teaser

If the teaser wasn't enough, here is his underwear commercial

Source:, Mingpaonews, donnieyennet’s Channel

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