Donnie Yen denies he is strongest in the universe

Although he already has titles like WORLD STAR, The King in Bed and many more, none of them describes Donnie Yen as perfectly as “Universe’s Strongest”. Donnie Yen attended a promotional event for Samsonite in Hong Kong after returning from Taiwan. The luggage company presented him with a suitcase that has the words “Universe’s Strongest” printed in front of it. The title was originally given to Donnie Yen by local netizens, but he denied that he has ever considered himself as the strongest in the universe and insisted that it was all a joke.

On the left: The Universe's Strongest needs the Universe's Strongest suitcase to hold all 14 Blades.
On the right:  We did not photoshop this photo...

Donnie Yen expressed his concerns about 14 Blades’ performance at the Hong Kong box office. He said it might suffer due to the lack of promotions locally at the Samsonite event. However, he was back to his confident self yesterday when he attended the 14 Blades premiere. Donnie Yen said the total world box office for 14 Blades can crush the competition with one hand. He added that the performance of his movie in mainland China and Southeast Asia will beat local comdies by “several blocks”. Donnie Yen also revealed that he was originally offered the lead role in one of 14 Blades' competitors, Happy Home 2010. He said he regrets turning down the role and hopes to act in a comedy in the future.

Source: Mingpaonews

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