Donnie Yen confirms he is the king in bed and compliments Wu Chun

The WORLD STAR visited Taiwan on February 5th to promote his new movie 14 Blades alongside costar Wu Chun and director Daniel Lee. Donnie Yen was joined by his wife Cecilia Wang at the event. He revealed that they haven’t seen each other for three weeks due to his super busy schedule. Although her flight arrived only several minutes earlier, Mrs. Yen walked all the way to the other exit in her high heels to meet with her husband.

Donnie Yen was asked how he feels about being crowned the king of Kung Fu after his hit movie Ip Man. He said he doesn’t deserve the honor because it would keep him from improving if he accepts the title. Host Matilda Tao asked Mrs. Yen about their bedroom secrets, but she was too embarrassed to answer. Donnie Yen came to her rescue and said, “If it’s the title of ‘The King in Bed”, then I would dare to accept.” Matilda Tao followed up by asking Mrs. Yen if she was satisfied. She answered shyly, “No complain.”

The King and his wife.....

Donnie Yen generously shows off his huge pectoral muscles in 14 Blades. He revealed that he went on a diet and trained hard for that scene. However, he started eating burgers again once filming was completed. Donnie Yen was asked how he resists temptation from other women. He said his wife is the most beautiful in his heart. Moreover, he usually goes home after filming is done, so there are no chances for other women.

As for Wu Chun, Donnie Yen complimented that his costar is good-looking, got a great body, and has potential in doing action films. He is optimistic that Wu Chun will become a action superstar in the future. Donnie Yen said he underestimated Wu Chun the first time they fought against each other. He didn’t expect Wu Chun to throw such a heavy punch. Donnie Yen worried about his reputation and started to fight Wu Chun with full force.

Donnie Yen also added that making action films is not only physically painful, it is also psychologically draining. He had experienced the lows before, and in response to rumors that he plans to retire, he said, “If everyone doesn’t mind, I will continue.” As for his ever-rising paycheck, Donnie Yen explained that the worth of a star is like the housing market. It goes up and down as per the trend and he insisted, “For sure I am not the highest paid!”

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Source: Nownews, CNA, counterheart's channel

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