Director Yuen Woo-Ping denies Jay Chou as Asia the Invincible

Director Yuen Woo-Ping is one of many Asian filmmakers who are attending the 60th Berlin International Film Festival. His new movie True Legend, starring Vincent Zhao and Jay Chou, is being shown as part of the Berlinale Special. Although Jay Chou is unable to attend due to his busy schedule, director Yuen still has many positive things to say about the star, “(His) fighting ability is close to the real thing and he understands action sequences very well. He will be an action superstar for sure in the future.”
Hula hoop is the weapon of choice in True Legend

Jay Chou plays the dual role of Wu Shen and Zui Xian in the new movie.  The characters are skilled in using many weapons including sticks, spear and hammer. On Jay Chou’s performance, director Yuen said, “He was better than I thought. Even with 20 consecutive moves, he was able to make it look like a real fight.” The reporter reminded director Yuen that audiences would laugh whenever President Chou showed off his moves in Curse of the Golden Flower. In response, the director said, “You should change (your view) a bit.”

Rumors circulated last year suggesting that Jay Chou might play the legendary/infamous character Asia the Invincible in Yuen Woo-Ping’s upcoming remake of the The Swordsman. In regards to this, the director laughed and said, “I’m the director and I didn’t even know. No way, I will be the first to object.” From his experience as one of the top martial arts choreographers in the past decades, Yuen Woo-Ping picked Jet Li as the best out of action stars Vincent Zhao, Donnie Yen and Li, “(Jet Li) fights with power and he's also the best looking. He is a real master of Martial Arts.”

Now that we know Jay Chou is unlikely to play Asia the Invincible, movie fans will sure be curious to find out who will be filling the role. Casting the right actor is no easy task, since the classic story Xiao Ao Jiang Hu (The Smiling, Proud Wanderer) has already been adapted in film and TV many times. For those not familiar with Asia the Invincible, the character is the leader of the Sun Moon Holy cult. In an attempt to become truly “invincible”, the man castrates himself to master the skills in the Sunflower Manual. Simply put….he is not a man, not yet a woman.

Asia the Invincible played by actresses:
On the left: Mao Wei-Tao in the 2001 TV drama remake.
On the right: Brigitte Lin in the 1992 movie The East is Red.

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