Da Ye’s hilariously bad rendition of “Love’s Home Turf” cracks up Show Luo

On the February 13th broadcast of Taiwanese variety show 100% Entertainment, Da Ye 大野 put on a “special” performance of Show Luo’s debut song “Love’s Home Turf” from most recent album “Rashomon”.  The lone male member of parody group No Wonder Girls and a cast member of variety show University, Da Ye attempted to take on Show’s currently trendy dance tune with hilarious effect.

It’s both painful and humorously captivating to watch at the same time, as Da Ye slowly gets tired and starts losing it vocally as he keeps on dancing.  When the camera focuses on shocked and speechless faces of Show and fellow co-host Alien Huang, one can only laugh and sympathize with them.  Show even emulates the most hilarious part of Da Ye’s performance at his expense.  It’s too funny to pass up, and if you haven’t seen this clip yet, it’s definitely entertaining viewing.

Da Ye's "special" performance of Show Luo's "Love's Home Turf":

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