Channel [V]’s Top 20 Countdown (2/6/10): Da Mouth tops, Show Luo reigns

In last week’s broadcast of Channel [V]’s Top 20 Countdown, a program which ranks the most popular MVs in Mandopop, a mix of familiar faces and newcomer entrants populate the list of twenty. Working our way up, popular artists Genie Cho, F.I.R., and Alien Huang are at risk of dropping out of the Top 20 this week. Genie’s “At Your Side” MV has been popular for quite some time, marking an amazing run due to its catchy beats and Genie’s bubble gum vocals.

Moving further up, songs by Anson Hu and Cyndi Wang show other veteran singers that are growing in popularity with their latest album releases, while fellow veteran JJ Lin has had the opposite effect. Jerry Yan’s latest song took a slight drop after cracking the elite five spot a week earlier, and why is Harlem Yu in the top ten? Jeremy Liu continues to be a surprise despite his low-key popularity in the upper three, and Da Mouth gained the top spot with their colorful MV for song “French Kiss”.

Taking a look at the list, you can see that Show Luo took control of the most spots (3) with MVs for former number one “I’ll Be Used to It”, new song “Head Over Heels in Love”, and duet song “In Your Eyes”, with Rainie Yang coming in with the next most. Not too much movement on the top of the list besides Rainie Yang’s latest MV to enter the charts in “Anonymous Friend”, but expect to see some new faces on the list as new MVs from chart-holding artists are already out, and older MVs make their way out.

Channel [V]'s Top 20 Countdown (Week of Feb. 6, 2010):
1. Da Mouth – French Kiss (↑)
2. Show Luo – I’ll Be Used to It (↓)
3. Jeremy Liu – Mr. Why (↓)
4. Rainie Yang – Anonymous Friend (New!)
5. Chase Chang – I Love You (↑)
6. Jerry Yan – Afraid of the Dark (↓)
7. Show Luo – Head Over Heels in Love (New!)
8. JJ Lin – Back to Back Hug (↓)
9. Cyndi Wang – Little Star (↑)
10. Harlem Yu – Third Wish (↑)
11. A-Lin – Need Practice Breaking Up (↑)
12. Show Luo & Rainie Yang – In Your Eyes (↓)
13. Magic Power – Who Am I? Who Am I? Who Am I? (↑)
14. Anson Hu – Never Regret (↑)
15. Rachel Liang & Wang Zhang Liang – Full (New!)
16. Tiger Huang – Not that Simple (↑)
17. Julia Peng – Henceforth (New!)
18. Genie Cho – At Your Side (↓)
19. F.I.R. – The Flower within the Thorns (↓)
20. Alien Huang - Screwed Up (↓)

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