Crowd Lu limps to finish his double concerts

Crowd Lu performed his “Oh Yeah! Hong Kong concert” at Star Hall for two nights. Crowd did not forget to say Chinese New Year blessings to the fans. Besides singing his songs, he even imitated some dance steps from Super Junior and Michael Jackson. During Crowd’s performance on the first night, he forgot the lyrics to his own songs quite a number of times and had to constantly look at the monitor for help, making it very humorous, but it was still well received by the fans. Near the end of the concert, Crowd decided to improvise and sing a “Thai” song, but he later confessed that it was not really Thai, causing the fans to burst in laughter.

On the second night, Crowd revealed that he injured his right leg due to some extensive exercise on the first night, causing him to walk with a limp. Due to this, Crowd had to change his route during the “hand-shake” segment in his concert to avoid getting injured again.

In celebration of the New Year, fans gave Crowd a mini lion, loop bag, and red envelopes. Due to the fans’ reaction, Crowd sang encore twice, which the concert did not end until five minutes after midnight. In regards to being fined due to the extended concert time, Crowd expressed, “I didn’t know that we would be fined because I wasn’t wearing a watch. I don’t come to Hong Kong often, so I wanted to sing a few more songs.” The organizers assured that rental fees would not be increased and that they only need to pay for the extra electricity and maintenance fees after hours. Crowd finally felt relieved after hearing so.

Limping Crowd on his way to shake hands while protected by bodyguards

Source: Ming-pao,

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