The crew of Da Mouth asks “Do You Love Me?” in latest MV!

As Valentine’s Day quickly approaches, what better way to celebrate in the romantic holiday than with a sweet and soothing serenade from none other than…Da Mouth?! Yes, that’s right. The same four-member music outfit, known more for spitting out slick R&B melodies and groovy dance tunes, has released an MV showcasing their more intimate side to coincide near the day of love.

Marking the third MV after “Rock It” and “French Kiss”, Da Mouth has been keeping themselves in the spotlight after their newsworthy meet-up with fellow South Korean labelmates 4minute. Their latest MV features a typical sweet ballad that throws in occasional rapping from in-house rapper MC 40, but the highlight is the video’s execution, as the band spends the entire time holding signs of their lyrics in humorous fashion. Very few artists really toy around with the lyric subtitles that come with MV releases to accommodate the Chinese audience whom don’t speak Mandarin, yet Da Mouth takes the quirkiness even further.

This is a really cute MV that reminds us that Da Mouth is a down-to-earth band that Mandopop should be proud of. Hopefully though, we get to see Da Mouth go back to their normal selves in their next MV outing, but it was fun seeing them playing out of character.

Mad props once again to urasiansourceCpop2 for broadcasting this MV on her channel!

Da Mouth’s “Do You Love Me?” MV:

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