[CpopAccess.com] Staff's Picks for Top 10 Best Taiwanese Idol Drama of the ‘00s

If you haven’t noticed already, our staff really loves Taiwanese idol dramas. In fact, we love them so much that we decided to have a readers’ poll to see what YOU guys thought was the best drama from the last decade. What you may not know was that in the background, our staff had their own list that we felt were our own personal Top 10 favorites of last decade as well. This list of ours was the result of much discussion for weeks on end, as each of us tried to make a case as to why a particular drama that we loved should be on our definitive Staff’s Pick Top 10 list. It was a very tough call on our part to come to a consensus on what we thought were some of the best Taiwanese idol dramas.

So without further ado, we have finally unveiled the CpopAccess.com staff’s very own Top 10 Staff Pick’s Best Taiwanese Dramas! This list may differ from your own personal list, but we can all probably agree that it’s a pretty good list regardless. Check out our picks above in our video, and relieve those very dramas that our own staff has had great memories of!

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