[CpopAccess.com] Readers' Top 10 Best Taiwanese Idol Dramas of the ‘00s

While some may argue that the first decade of the new century doesn't actually end until next year, we just sealed up a remarkable ten years of Taiwanese idol dramas. And we at CpopAccess thought it was time to honor the best of the flock by holding a poll of what you felt were the most memorable and entertaining Taiwanese dramas to date.  We had to sadly chop some incredible experiences to keep the list at ten in the final poll results, but it's hard to deny that the following idol dramas aren't the absolute masterpieces of their time. Check out the video above to see the final results for last decade's best Taiwanese idol dramas as chosen by YOU, our wonderful readers!

By the way, after four months since we first began bringing Cpop news to you all, this post marks our 500th post on this site!  What a fitting 500th post to celebrate the wonderful time our staff has had with you all by celebrating your choices for the best Taiwanese idol dramas.  We hope that we can continue to bring you Cpop news for many more posts to come!

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