Colleague teaches Cyndi Wang how to wear thong; Cyndi blushes in response

Last week, sweetheart pop star Cyndi Wang was invited by a colleague to hold a performance at a night club. On that day, Cyndi received a thong designed by international pop star Kylie Minogue from her colleague. The person also taught her how to wear a thong and wanted her to go to the restroom to try it on, making Cyndi blush.

When Cyndi went to her colleague’s night club sing, nothing seemed out of the ordinary, and at first her agent came by to take her there earlier. Cyndi said that she discovered that friends at her colleague’s night club were very enthusiastic, being very friendly and forward and also being freely cozy together, so she would often meet with friends at that colleague’s night club.

When her colleague and friends knew that Cyndi was going to hold a performance, they cordially offered her a thong, with Cyndi generously accepting the butt-hugging gift. Cyndi then yelled that there was barely any cloth on them, and asked the audience, “Does anyone know what it feels like wearing this? Everyone’s probably not worn these before, right?” But Cyndi didn’t think that the people in front of the stage would respond with, “We have”. It was when she needed to go to the restroom to try in on that she blushed.

Source: NOWnews

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