Chinese New Year special Red & White program teases with 30 artists

Taiwanese broadcasting station TTV’s NT$20 million Chinese New Year’s special program “Superstar Red & White Entertainment Awards” went on stage last night at National Taiwan University’s Sports Center. The scene of the event saw over 30 artists performing that included Coco Lee, Elva Hsiao, Show Luo, Jimmy Lin, and Nicky Wu. Lasting five hours, the Harlem Yu-led white team attracted a live audience of 2,000 witnessing the idol's graceful presence.

The program was excellent watching, but TTV regretted being unable to invite singers like Jay Chou and A-mei to participate. Host Chang Hsiao-yen stated, "We have so many amazing artists, but because it was an outdoor show, we hoped that we could spread the word to let even more singers come." The “Superstar Red & White Entertainment Awards” by Hsiao-yen and Harlem was outstanding with the two red and white competing teams of singers lighting up the stage. The costs of the sound and special effects went into the tens of millions (of Taiwanese dollars), which consisted of Taiwan, America, Canada, Malaysia, and satellite viewers being able to watch the program.

While TTV's program was well-executed, there was still one small blemish when rock singer Wu Bai flipped out for not having enough time to rehearse on stage. Jimmy Lin and Cyndi Wang had their own brilliant performance together, and it was questioned whether the pair lip-synced but not only was that denied, but TTV also clearly clarified that it was a live performance. Even Sam Lee made errors while singing "Guys Shouldn't Make Girls Shed Tears 男人不該讓女人流淚", and much more so while singing "Giving a Lot of Thought 用心良苦". Host Harlem also thought that he had it under control at the time. "It seemed like with half a day or a day more of rehearsal, we would have had a surefire show."

Top Left: Elva Hsiao.  Left: Jimmy Lin.  Right: Nicky Wu.

At the start of the program, Xiao Xiao Bin was at Van Ness Wu's side and shouted, "Tiger! Miss you! Miss you!", which was a modified version of his famous "Autumn's Concerto" line. The cuteness factor caused the audience to go crazy. Besides "Little Whirlwind" Jimmy Lin, the mysterious honored guest "Little Sun" Wallace Chung also appeared on stage doing a pole dance while adorned in silver tassels.

It's been almost 10 years since his public performance in Taiwan, but Nicky Wu's popularity unexpectedly skyrocketed, with "I Wish You a Plesant Journey 祝你一路順風" igniting applause, "Boy Chasing After the Wind 追風少年" showcasing his muscular six-pack, and his forward somersaults causing non-stop screeching from the audience. Even Chang Hsiao-yan and Harlem taking the stage hyped up the atmosphere.

Left: Hosts Harlem and Chang Xiao-yan.  Right: Show Luo.

Source: UDN

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