Cast of Monga battles University "students"

Just several days ago, the cast of Monga appeard on popular variety, University, as guests.  The cast was greeted by University's hosts and students enthusiastically. Right at the opening, Huang Deng Hui was given a good beating by the students for his truly hatable character.

While students and the cast of Monga entered the set, without prior warning, Classmate Ma Zi lifted Director Niu Cheng Ze off the ground and spun him around non-stop until others shouted for her stop. Director Niu’s face was red and couldn’t find his balance after putting his feet on the ground again.

Host Tao Zi asked Classmate Ma Zi, who has incredible strength, whom she wanted to “spin” the most. Without hesitation, she answered, “Mark Chao!” Mark waved his hands furiously to reject the offer, but fellow co-star Ethan Ruan answered on his behalf, “Oh, three spins are not enough, you want five?!” Due to peer pressure, Mark reluctantly accepted. Since Ma Zi was Mark’s fan, she spun him gently, but not forgetting to take advantage of the opportunity as she swung him on the ground then leaning on top of him.

Emerson Tsai, who finished 8th on Super Idol season 3, was also given a lift by Ma Zi while he sang in Taiwanese. Host Tao Zi noticed Emerson’s buff body, thus, she asked him to take off his shirt, but Emerson explained, “I can’t take it off because I’m a little too buff. And I’ve also been eating too much.” Knowing that without seeing some skin, the audience would not be satisfied, so Tao Zi asked Classmate Hei Pi to strip off his top in Emerson’s place.

Mark and Ethan demonstrated their skills on filming fight scenes. Ethan commented, “The person kicking needs to know how to hold their power once he touch the other person, while the person being kicked needs to know how to fall and not injure himself.” After a professional demonstration, co-hosts Ah Ken and Na Dou tried it out. Na Dou kicked Ah Ken right in the chest and Ah Ken flew right across the floor bumping his head. Na Dou received his punishment as a result.

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