Blue Lan reveals his underwear for PS Man

Following Van Ness' amazing skills in tree-climbing as shown in Autumn's Concerto, Blue Lan takes the challenge next.  PS Man, which follows Autumn's Concerto, is to start airing on February 28th and for the drama, Blue Lan has to climb a 6-meter tall tree and hang upside down on it. Even Sonia Sui compliments, “He’s such a professional!”

Although are were ropes securing Blue on the tree, it is still difficult to act while being on there. In the drama, Blue is sent to do community service at a kindergarten after causing a riot at a movie premiere. Blue climbs the tree in order to fetch a doll for a child, but he ends up hanging upside down on the tree. Blue laughs, “This is the first time I’ve hung upside down for a drama. I saw stars over my head afterwards! Furthermore, I have to show my SpongeBob ‘square undies’ in front of everyone.”

 SpongeBob says Hi! - Blue's pants rip open while climbing tree.

Sonia Sui on the other hand, worries, “In the drama, I make fun of him for hanging upside down, but it’s actually really uncomfortable seeing him like that, so I can’t help but have this ‘are you okay?’ look on my face. The director shouted ‘cut’, and I felt a little embarrassed for that.” Sonia then added, “He (Blue) insisted on performing this scene himself and not use a stunt. His eyes were all red from being upside down. He is really professional!”

Blue Lan pulls himself up the tree.

Blue takes tree-climbing to another level.

Sonia stands and watch as Blue hangs upside down.

 Source: NOWnews, SETTV

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