Blue Lan meets with Women’s Nightlife expert to prep for new role

In preparation for his role in the upcoming drama P.S. Man, Blue Lan has been busy with researching his character by experiencing the nightlife at local nightclubs. He met with “Women’s Nightlife Observer” and talk-show host Shotgun Tuo (Tuo Zong-Kang) to have a one-on-one men’s talk, and traded their experiences on stealing hearts.

The TTV/SETTV collaboration drama stars Blue Lan, Sonia Sui, Bianca Bai, James Wen and Xiao Xiao Bin. Blue Lan plays a “P.S. Man” who is handsome with a sense of humor and style. He likes to say it as it is, feels good about himself, and offends many people in the process.

Blue Lan said “P.S. Man” feels good about himself because other than himself, everyone else is P.S. (postscript), “I think Shotgun is pretty much like that.” Shotgun Tuo added that if it was 20 years ago, he would have recommended himself for the role. However, other than Blue Lan, he believes no one else is capable of playing the role at the moment.

Blue Lan and Shotgun also shared their experiences of stealing hearts. Shotgun said men must have a sense of humor when they speak. The most “high class” jokes are those that are happening in real-time. However, he warns that one should not reveal any secrets carelessly, because it will be the beginning of tragedy. In addition, don’t give the other person any promises, because it will be the beginning of responsibility. On the other hand, Blue Lan emphasized on the importance of freshness, as it creates a sense of beauty easily. He said it is not a bad idea to make the other person think that she can’t figure you out.

After taking on his role in P.S. Man, Blue Lan has been waking up at 6 AM everyday. He is almost always the first one to reach the set as it takes an hour to style his hair.  He is even memorizing his lines when he sleeps because there are so many . Due his busy schedule, Blue Lan said he doesn’t have time to be in love right now.

Since Blue Lan will be spending Valentine’s Day alone, Shotgun comforted him by saying, “It’s okay, that is just a holiday for businessmen to make money. Blue Lan was baffled and asked, “Then what happens to your nightclub?” Shotgun answered, “I am a businessman!”

"Men's Talk" from WQYL (on gar0922's channel)

Source: CNA, UDN, gar0922, Nownews

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