Blackie successfully proposed to Fan Fan

After ten years of dating, Charles Chen, better known as Blackie, has finally proposed to longtime girlfriend Fan Fan during their vacation in the US. The pair was attending a NBA game on the 17th to support Chinese basketball player Yi Jian-Lian. They were rumored to be getting married during their stay, but it is now apparent that Blackie was in fact planning a surprise proposal. During the half-time break, Blackie asked his girlfriend how long they have been dating. Fan Fan answered, “Almost 10 years.” Blackie took out his ring and asked, “Would you marry me?” Fan Fan was in shock and speechless. In the end, she accepted the proposal by touching his face. The couple hugged each other while basketball fans cheered them on.

Blackie posted his proposal video on Facebook to share with his friends and family. He wrote, “(I) was abnormally nervous! (I) have never had this feeling before…More than any competition! More than any job! It was more tense than any and everything!! On one hand, (I) was concerned that no foreigners would know us! On the other, (I) was worried that Fan Fan would turn it down!!!! Nonetheless, thank you God for making everything goes smoothly….”

Source: Nownews, sugoishowV’s channel

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