Blackie, Fan Fan pose for "Love Life" Charity Photoshoot

Anything for Love! Longtime partners Blackie and Christine Fan (or Fan Fan) rarely grace the same stage or film commercials together. However, in order to spread the word about “Love Life”, an event that raises money for children with cancer, the couple emerged from their usual privacy and donned matching t-shirts for the cover of MILKX magazine, advertising the chocolate-colored shirts in an effort to raise money for the charity. With the continuation of "Love Life" 2010, Blackie said, “I will always support “Love Life”, it is more important than my career in the entertainment industry.

For the New Year, Blackie will be taking Fan Fan to the United States, where she grew up. He laughed and said he will not be issuing any marriage proposals anytime soon, as this year he will be very busy.

Blackie is the creator of “Love Life”, which is funded by the Veterans General Hospital that currently has 93 children in their cancer ward. With "Love Life," Blackie has been able to raise awareness on the value and importance of life. Since its founding last year they have sold only t-shirts to fundraise, but that alone has raised $12 million NT (about $400,000 US) and has extended to Hong Kong and other places. Thanks to Blackie and Fan Fan's presence in the entertainment industry, many famous people have been avid supporters of "Love Life" including Wang Leehom, A-Mei, Lollipop, Hey Girl, Ariel Lin, David Tao, Jay Chou, and Ethan Ruan.

Last Year's version of the t-shirt, with Blackie and Fan Fan once again posing very lovingly (that shirt must have been HUGE though).

This year’s “Love Life” T-shirts will be available on its website and select stores in Taipei, Taichung, and Kaohsiung. Blackie will also appear at the Black Sun Hon Hai charity carnival this Sunday.

Here is an english version of the "Love Life" advertisements. It is very heartwarming and I hope all who are able to support "Love Life" and similar charities can do so!

Source: UDN

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