Blackie and Fan Fan return to Taiwan after marriage proposal

BlackieCharles Chen returned from New York with his new “fiancée” Fan Fan on the 25th. The “Black & White” pair was surrounded by the press at the airport when they arrived. When asked about the now famous marriage proposal, the two had a battle of words on what happened. Although no date has been set yet, they mutually agreed to get marry within this year.
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Blackie revealed there was an awkward moment that lasted 10 seconds after he proposed. He complained to Fan Fan, “Why were you so embarrassed? You should have just put (the ring) on.” She responded, “You were holding onto it and wouldn’t let go!” Their exchange continued back and forth, with Blackie insisting that it was because he had no experience, while Fan Fan said she was frozen from the shock. She added, “Until now it still feels like a dream.”

Blackie’s long-time friend Jason Tang congratulated him and said he wouldn’t be happy if he was with Barbie Hsu. As many might know already, Blackie and Barbie Hsu dated when they were young.  Both of the Hsu sisters went on to become close friends with Fan Fan. Jason Tang said Fan Fan is the best girlfriend that Blackie has had and claimed to have witnessed Barbie Hsu’s barbaric behavior towards him. In response to his accusation, Barbie Hsu said, “I wish ‘Unpicky (Jason) Tang from the East district’ will soon end his messy ways of living. The fact that he didn’t have a barbaric girlfriend to guide him is why he turned into ‘Unpicky Tang’.”

Here is a clip of them at the airport

Source: Liberty Times, Chinatimes

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