Big Party competes for french kiss with Da Mouth

On the February 18 episode of Big Party, the cast dressed up and posed as the “Di Di’s” (boys) and “Mei Mei’s” (girls) of WAHSBBT. Just like WAHSBBT, the “boys and girls” show off their talents to challenge Da Mouth in order to win the prize of the day – which was a French kiss with a member of Da Mouth. Without hesitation, Aisa agreed to giving the winner a French kiss.

Stanley and Jeff Huang (top left),"Cholesterol" Dan Gu Chun (top right), Mei Mei (bottom left), Host Blackie (bottom right). 

Something was definitely off about DJ Chung Hua...It's Ah Ken!

Chen Han Dian and Kuo Tze Cheng, who were impersonating Stanley and Jeff Huang, were first up. They shamelessly lost to Da Mouth in a battle to see who could shake their legs (like “Rock It”) or arms faster.

A Jam Hsiao who cannot sing challenged the real DJ Chung Hua. After DJ Chung Hua showcased his skills, Honduras (as Jam Hsiao) sang Da Mouth’s hit song, “in the end,” which host Tai Zhi Yuan (as Blackie) questioned whether he really did sing. “Jam” replied, “Yes, but I only know how to say (the phrase) ‘Jie Guo Lie’ (in the end).”

Na Dou as “Cholesterol (Dan Gu Chun – a popular character in a commercial)” decided to attempt rapping. Even after MC 40 demonstrated how to rap the exact verse, Dan Gu Chun was unable to follow. Dan Gu Chun thought that if she carried something heavy, it would help her find the beat, but it only made her voice an octave higher…

C-String Goddess Amber Ann not only looked like Yao Yao, but she also sounded like Yao Yao as she sang “Loving Hug” the moment she came on the stage. Since Yao Yao was collecting “hugs” as part of her promotional activity, she gave each member of Da Mouth a hug except DJ Chung Hua (Ah Ken). Yao Yao explained, “I’ve successfully collected ten thousand hugs, so I don’t need anymore.” DJ Chung Hua stormed off set out of anger after hearing Yao Yao’s refusal. Yao Yao, feeling frightened, grabbed DJ Chung Hua back and gave him a big hug.

Yao Yao challenged Harry in dancing. Instead of her usual cute dance routine, Yao Yao showed off some sexy dancing and even sat on DJ Chung Hua’s lap at the end.

When it was time to announce the best performer, Harry slipped and said, “Yao Yao.” MC 40 and DJ Chung Hua quickly reacted and gave Harry some good beating, “We’re not selecting the one for real! It should be Dan Gu Chun! “ Harry felt baffled and asked himself, “Did I hear wrong?” Jeff Huang (Kuo Tze-Cheng) came over and commented to MC 40, “Oh, so you saw the script too?!”

While we wonder why it couldn’t be Yao Yao, we find out soon after that the one presenting the prize, the French kiss, is not the real Aisa.

Aisa-chan excused herself in order to reapply some nail polish. When she returned, she turned into a completely different person…

Da Mouth performs "Rock It"

Da Mouth performs "French Kiss"

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