Alien Huang sings “The Most Romantic Song in the World” in latest MV

Well, here's an MV that probably flew under a lot of people's radar.  Despite Alien Huang having released a preview for his rock ballad "The Most Romantic Song in the World" with a lot of fanfare over a months ago, the full-length MV didn't get a full-length release until a couple weeks ago.  Even then, the MV's release was pretty much a low-key affair.  Which is a shame, because the song itself is a pretty decent offering from the aspiring rocker who has been under the music shadow of fellow 100% Entertainment variety show co-host Show Luo for many years.

The latest MV reverts back to simplicity from his debut MV "Toy Guns and Roses" as Alien sings in a colorless setting.  A ballerina is in the background providing the only other visual besides Alien's foreground singing, and is there merely to distract us from having an MV entirely of Alien.  Since the MV itself has been around for a couple of weeks, maybe it'll creep into Channel [V]'s Top 20 Countdown, especially since second MV "Screwed Up" off his debut album "Love & Hero" is on the verge of dropping out of that same list.

Alien's latest MV offering is the last of three songs that he has been promoting heavily ever since he began his album promotions.  Who knows if the rocker will keep trudging forth with another MV, or if he'll simply go back full-time as 100% Entertainment co-host until his next album.  Whatever the case, I'm just happy that the MV got a release at all, low-key or not.

Alien Huang’s “The Most Romantic Song in the World” MV:

Source: ritaso0131

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