Alicia Liu makes 1st public appearance with ex-bf after sex change scandal

Not to be outdone by the Catwalk agency, EeLin also called upon its top models for their own prayer ceremony on the 22nd. Coincidentally, both agencies picked the same date and time to battle for attention from the media. Although Eelin didn’t quite have a Lin Chi-Ling or Ethan Ruan on hand, they did have Alicia Liu, as she has made more headlines than everyone else from her agency combined.

The event marked the first time Alicia Liu, better known as Xiao Ai, appears together with ex-boyfriend Yang Chun-Si after she admitted to having a sex change operation. Xiao Ai and Yang, also a model represented by EeLin, were the center of attention at the event. Although he was reluctant at first, the two eventually stood together for a photo op to satisfy the media.  For those who might not recall, he was the ex-boyfriend who defended her identity as a woman when the scandal began. Unfortunately he appeared as confused as the public when she came out to admit her sex change operation. In response to the media's interest over their relationship, Xiao Ai said without hesitation, “We are still friends. (We) still stay in touch. There is nothing to be awkward about.”

After the Chinese New Year holidays, Xiao Ai seemed to have packed on a few pounds along with the other usually-slim models. She said, “I spent my New Year at home like an Otaku. Once I found out I have to work right after the holidays, I stopped over-eating and drinking right away.” Following the prayer ceremony, Xiao Ai rushed to the VIVA shopping channel to begin her first modeling job in the year of the Tiger.

A clip of the stars of EeLin

Source: Nownews, UDN

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