Alan Kuo presents "Sweetheart" with a chili

Last year, when his contract with Sony Records ended, Alan Kuo decided to embark on independent production road. He attempted hip-hop style for his new single "Sweetheart", which he recorded using his own money. At the initial stages of recording, because his voice was hoarse and the process was not going smoothly, his friend recommended that eating a chili pepper would open his throat -- unexpectedly, it worked. After he finished eating, his recording went smoothly and was completed in one afternoon.

The song "Sweetheart" is a duet between a male and female. Alan Kuo specially found a female singer to duet with him vowing with determination to start out once more. This year, Chinese New Year's coincides with the West's Valentine's Day, thus he specially designed the single's cover as a Valentine's Day card using red to represent love, hoping he can use his songs to accompany everyone through the festivities. Alan expressed, "I always really hoped that there was a male-female duet hip-hop song for Valentine's Day that can be used at a wedding party. It would certainly be extremely romantic."

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Source:  UDN

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