Ah-Gong will leave Sodagreen for army duty next month

The band member/lead dancer of Sodagreen was in the hospital for surgery to correct his sleep apnea only one month ago. Zephyr, better known as Ah-Gong, recently received his notification to enter the military on March 1st.
Ah-Gong (on the right) often entertains fans with his eccentric dancing...

There were rumors that his record company had scheduled the surgery in order for Ah-Gong to dodge his military service. They refuted that claim and said “Ridiculous!” Ah-Gong has had a month of rest after the surgery and is recovering well. He will fulfill his duty as required and his company hopes the public can refrain from speculations.

The remaining Sodagreen members are still on holidays so they have yet to decide what to do about the missing member. Their company reassured, “Sodagreen will continue to work on their music. Ah-Gong is only temporarily away to be an army alternative for one year. He is irreplaceable, (we) won’t get someone to replace him.”

Here is a clip of Serious-Gong with Sodagreen performing "Little Love Song"

Source: Liberty Times, colorsecret's Channel

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