Monga breaks out at the box office

After being released on the 5th, the new movie Monga has reportedly broke the 10 million (NTD) mark in Taipei. Its accumulative box office in Taiwan is estimated at 20 million so far, and has taken over the number one spot from Avatar. The first day of ticket sales also surpassed Avatar’s numbers which debuted on December 17th and New Moon on December 14th.

Monga has been heavily promoted since it began filming.  From on-set visits, fan meetings, to it massive premiere, it has been labeled as the new wave of Taiwanese films. Not only it is being played on 120 screens, even theaters that rarely show local movies are playing Monga. Many youthful fans lined up early to get a ticket on the 5th, which is something that hasn’t been seen since Cape No. 7.

Monga has also become a hot topic on the Internet, as celebrities are recommending the movie on their blogs, while netizens compiled the most memorable lines said by the characters. In order to attract movie watchers, a newly opened Vie Show theaters location had its staff dressed up as gang members in Monga style. The staff members even wore the fashionable tattoo sleeves for additional street flavor.

Source: Nownews

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