Access Newsbits! [Week of Feb 7]

Monga might have beaten Avatar on its first weekend, but it is certainly not beating pirates as illegal copies have already hit the Internet.  The movie took in 120 million (NTD) in 6 days. 

In related news, theaters in Taiwan are lifting their ban on bringing food into the theater. However, food with a strong smell, such as Stinky Tofu and Salt 'N Pepper Crispy Chicken Nuggets, are still not welcome.

Mark Chao's dad Allen Chao was noticeably missing from the Monga premiere. When asked where he was,  Allen Chao said no one had invited him.  In response to why he wasn't invited, Monga's film company answered, "We requested the actors to invite their own family members."  And how did Mark Chao explained himself?  His manager said, "Allen Chao was busy that day so we gave the tickets to someone else".....

Alicia Liu is in-demand to appear on variety shows after admitting to her sex change operation.  She has yet to receive any invitation from shows hosted by Li Jing.

Rachel Liang awards fans with over 150 gifts from makeup to cash at the signing of her repackaged album. She promised to appear in a bikini if her album sells over 100K copies.

Judy Chou expects to get bashed from dumping S.H.E's the drama Down With Love that is. He and S.H.E have collaborated on a new song that will soon be released on their 12th album, set to come out after the Chinese New Year.

Following the success of Super Band, Local King Jacky Wu, Frog Prince Gao Ling-Feng and variety show regular Kang Kang are coming together for a new man-group named The Big Three Difficult Tenors. They filmed an explosion scene outside of a restaurant and destroyed a huge piece of glass. The production team said: "No insurance was purchased for the artists. It's a good thing that no one got hurt."

Newbie duo AK will hold a concert on the same day as Show Luo. Despite that they haven't even released an album, they are confident fans will come see them as their show starts at 3PM.

Show Luo will incorporate 3D technologies in his upcoming concert at the Taipei Arena.  A second date was added as the tickets were sold out.  Organizers secretly hope this move will help them break even due to the show's huge costs.

Li Li-Ren, aka Matilda Tao's husband, returns to acting with the new CTS drama Child-Raising Hero.  When asked who looks after their son and daughter, Li Li-Ren answered, "We will take one each."

Cindy Yen was rushed to the emergency room after being diagnosed with acute gastritis and missed her performance in Hualian. she was released the next day.
source: her facebook status.

Big Small Sister are getting followed around by a fan that dresses up as a bunny.  Their record company are making sure that at least four staff members are with the girls to keep them safe.

Jay Chou's Pandamen is rumored to being cut down from 29 to 23 episodes in its mainland broadcast. Reason: Ratings for episode two went down to 0.6% from episode one's 0.906%

Patty Hou is a virgin?  Her mom was rumored to have told friends that the host/actress is one.  We'll have to wait and see if she has a celibacy card or not. 

S.H.E's performance (on the left) on Hunan TV in the mainland got bashed for copying after Perfume (on the right).

SJ to arrive in Taiwan on the 19th for their concerts next weekend.  They will arrive in two groups, possibly to avoid chaos in the airport?

Jean Wang finally gets a divorce from Chen Wei-Tao. Chen said he welcomes her back anytime, but she said he has stuffed the door lock with toothpicks.

Xiao Xiao Bin
does photo shoot for P.S. Man.  Apparently he can't resist to the word "Monkey" as it triggers endless laughter from him.  Dad Xiao Bin Bin confirmed that he is really a monkey disguised as a boy because , "he was born in the year of the Monkey." 

Fish Leong's new husband Tony was blackmailed by former model Ms. Lin.  She claims to have a daughter with him and he owes her 3.5 million (NTD).  In his response, Tony said, "The only model I know is Lin Chi-Ling.  If it really is her then I might as well admit it."

James Wen denies copying Korean star Bae Yong-Jun in his new book about Hokkaido.  He said anyone who takes a photo in the snow automatically gets reminded of Yon-sama. 

Vivien Hsu returns to Japan with a new single "Beautiful Day".  She performed a tongue twister to show the Japanese media that she hasn't forgotten the language.  Action star/ojisan Jacky Chan showed his support.

Harlem Yu will hold a concert at the Taipei Arena in April.  He doesn't rule up wearing a "see-through" outfit, but the question is does anyone really want to see him in one.

Korean boy band F.Cuz signed on with local record company Seed Music to expand their Chinese market...maybe they want to Get Get Getting Jiggy Getting Mandarin?

Bodyguards and Assassins tops the Hong Kong Film Awards with 19 nominations, but one was removed because Best New Actor nominee Wang Bo-Chieh has already debut in the 2008 Taiwanese movie Winds of September.

Source: UDN, Chinatimes, Liberty Times, Nownews

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