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Producer and popular variety guest Chen Yu-Lin married his girlfriend Ya Ya, who is 17 years his junior, on the 22nd. Chen sent out 750 wedding invitations in which he was mocked for "Fake wedding, Real fraud".

Networks who have purchased the rights to broadcast Pandamen are demanding to switch over to the "Jay Chou" edition currently airing on CTS in Taiwan. Apparently they felt the Taiwanese version was much better than the edited-for-mainland-edition.

The premiere for True Legend had to be canceled as none of its lead actors could attend.  Movie fans got a few unexpected laughs from Jay Chou in the movie.  Not only he looked and spoke differently than the other characters, his "B-boy" battle with Vincent Chao also made many people crack up.

Former "J-girl" Jessie Chiang turned down CTS again when they asked her to promote Pandamen on the 25th. Her record company said she is still on vacation and the media would only ask her questions about her relationship anyways.  But then again, if they don't ask about her love life, what else can they ask her?

Comedian Jiu Kong said he would like to get married and revealed that he has a new 28 year-old girlfriend. Unlike his comedic image, he said, "We (comedians) are only funny in our performances. We're not like that in our personal lives. I'm the kind of guy that works on my calligraphy and plays with antiques when I go home. Very few girls would want to marry me."

Pu Tao Jie Jie (or Grape Sister) has a crush on none other than comedian Nono. She said Nono has been taking care of her since her debut. In response to her confession, he said, "Dinner is fine, she is very pretty."

A fan of Show Luo presented him with a painting of his family as a gift. He was moved by the fan as his late father was also in the portrait. He plans to hang it in the family room of his home in Keelung.

Success of the Super Band has started a new wave of middle-aged man-groups. Big Four and The Three Difficult Tenors are holding concerts in Hong Kong and mainland China.

Annie Yi's home was robbed back on the 11th, but strangely only her laptop was stolen.  There were cash and jewelry available but the robber(s) didn't seem to be interested.  Police suspect it might done by a paparazzi disguised as a robber?

Annie Yi's ex-husband Harlem Yu left Taiwan to visit Bangladesh for the first time after 16 years.  He will be there for a World Vision event to raise awareness for sponsoring children who are in need.

Lollipop got to meet with idols from the 90s at the backstage of the Red & White Superstar special.  After seeing Jimmy Lin and Nicky Wu in person, the guys said they will start looking after themselves.  They want young idol groups to ask them for their secrets on staying young when they are 40.

Elva Hsiao rumored to be pursued by 21 year-old Nick, who also happens to the son of Billy.  If his name doesn't ring a bell, he was the "man" in Jolin Tsai's Real Man mv.  They are signed to the same company and Nick will release his debut album in April.....Does anyone else sense a friendly cross-promotion?

Jolin Tsai spent some quality time with her family during the CNY holidays before flying to New York for work.  She lost NT$ 20,000 while playing the game of Mahjong, but it's a relatively small amount considering Show Luo lost 500k.

TV shows' taking a look back at the careers of top stars are doing well in the ratings.  This doesn't really matter at all because the only thing that matters is this atrocious photo of Fei Yu-Qing back in the old days...

One of the all-time greatest, 82 year-old singer Hung Yi-Feng passed away after a long battle with pancreatic cancer.  He is survived by his four sons, including singer Chris Hung and producer Hung Jing-Yao.

Actress Cecelia Hsiao, who has been arrested numerous times for drug charges, requested a plea bargain for a lesser sentence.  The court refused because her repeat offenses showed that she has no remorse.  She is due back in court on March 8th.

Ariel Lin attended the press conference for Figaro Zeng's new book.  When asked about being photographed with her new boyfriend, she avoided questions about her relationship but said it is something she is working on this year.

Alicia Liu was spotted with a possible new boyfriend recently.  She denied that they are a couple and was reportedly worried that her relationship would end if it is made public.  Friends said Xiao Ai (Alicia)  has had less pursuers since going public with her sex change.

Tang Wei finally makes a return to the big screen with her new movie with Jacky CheungCrossing Hennessy is her first film after Ang Lee's Lust Caution

Evan Yo lost 3 kg after joining the military last month.  He said the military has really changed his life to a much healthier one.  He now wakes up at 6AM and turns off the lights by 9, as compared to the 24-hr days that he used to spend at the recording studio.

Superidol contestant-turned-movie actor Emerson Tsai calls himself the most popular 8th place finisher.  He does have a point because even very few first place finishers get to have their own traveling show and be in a blockbuster movie.  His grandparents haven't walked into a theater in 40 years but they did just that to see him in Monga.

After his acclaimed performance in Monga, actor Jason Wang will make his return to prime-time drama.  He was originally cast to play a cop in Night Market Life, but his role has now reportedly changed to a second generation gang member.  FTV has ordered him to gain weight and go easy on the gaze, because they are worried he will scare the female viewers away.

No man looks good in these pants...No, not even you, Mark Chao.  (click pic to enlarge)

Donnie Yen can really see into the future! His prediction about his movie 14 Blades being a big flop in Hong Kong was right on.  Don't feel too bad for the Universe's Strongest because 14 Blades has already made 130 million (RMB) in mainland China.

Source: UDN, NOWnews, Liberty times, Chinatimes, Mingpao

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