Access Newsbits! [Week of Feb 14]

Popular Host Butterfly was asked to play with a flaming hula hoop on a Chinese New Year's program. She was so scared to try it she burst into tears and Jacky Wu had to crack a little joke about her ex-boyfriend to get her to hula.

He Du-Lin said new underwear is a MUST to ensure a prosperous year.  He advises to visit the zoo or successful businessmen to feel their "positive magnetic field". 

Devon Song responded on behalf of Jay Chou on Dog G's new song (about Jay and rumored-to-be-virgin Patty Hou) claiming that it was a publicity stunt.  Jay Chou said if his name can help make Dog G famous, then he should go ahead and use it.

Jerry Yan spent his New Year in Japan.  He attended a Niigata Earthquake memorial concert with other stars like Peter Ho, K. Will, etc, and visited a local orphanage while he was there.

Cyndi Wang treated her staff to a king crab dinner to show her appreciation for their hard work.

Godfrey Gao apparently was a monk in his last life.  A numerology master advised him to stay away from the temple as it would suck out his charisma.

Show Luo refute his manager's claim that staying away from lust will bring him wealth.

Xiao Xiao Bin catches a cold after his visits at a theme park and a zoo during the CNY holidays.  Some media outlets suspected that he was really there to promote the parks, as his appearance was made public.

In an attempt to save their struggling drama Lucky Days from ratings disaster, stars Tammy Chen and Chris Wang pretended they were feuding and then made up in front of the press.

Joe Cheng spent Valentine's Day with 350 fans in Hokkaido.  Each fan shelled out NT$28,000 for the 2 days 1 night trip.

Tiffany Hsu spent CNY holidays with family while boyfriend Ethan Ruan was promoting Monga at the Berlin International Film Festival.

Wu Chun took his niece and nephew to see 14 Blades.  7 year-old nephew cried after seeing him get hurt on screen.  He comforted his nephew by saying that it was just a movie, but why did he take a seven year-old to see 14 Blades?  Donnie Yen's chest is at least PG-13.

Nicholas Teo showed off his camera collection.  He has more than 10 cameras, where they're worth five to six hundred thousand dollars (NT) each. 

Award-winning director Zhang Yi-Mou was also in Berlin Int'l Film Festival as his smash hit movie A Simple Noodle Story is part of the competition.  The movie has been largely panned by critics but director Zhang gave some excellent insights from his years of experience in the film industry.  He explained that there is a 3/3 logic in the science of film-making, "1/3 pretty good, 1/3 consistent, 1/3 no good".  If that is the case, director Zhang's next movie will likely be a master piece:   2005's Riding Alone for Thousands of Miles = pretty good, Curse of the Golden Flower = consistent,     A Simple Noodle Story = no good.

Taiwanese Supermodel Lin Chi-Ling is rumored to be making a guest appearance in Takuya Kimura's upcoming drama.  The Supermodel will play the role of a model.

Cast of P.S. Man did not get a break during CNY.  SETTV promos indicated the new drama will debut on February 28th...but at what time?

As speculated earlier, there will be an episode 21 for Autumn's Concerto after all.  TTV will be airing the second last episode on this Sunday according to Appledaily.  Popular columnist "Papaya Ah-Xia" (referring to her well-endowed body) suggested Van Ness Wu to turn his luck around from the recent scandal by taking it all off.

Source: Appledaily TW, Liberty Times, Chinatimes, UDN, Sina, Nownews

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