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Hey everyone! Welcome to Access Newsbits!, a new weekly segment that we're starting on CpopAccess. As the name says, we'll dedicate a post to recap the interesting stories from each week that were worth mentioning, but didn't get their own full-length article. Furthermore, we wanted to have an open thread for you guys to basically voice your views on random stuff. Have a comment about our site? Want to rave about Van Ness Wu? Latest JJ Lin music video worth discussing? The world's all yours in the comments section.

Mark Chao, Ariel Lin, Afalean Lu, Stella Huang were among the stars that attended Rain's concert at the Kaohsiung National Stadium.  There were many empty seats as the stadium has a capacity of 40 thousand.  Scalpers are upset with Rain because they had to sell off his tickets for 1/2 price.

Chow Yun-Fat visited Taiwan to promote his new movie Confucius.  He and Mrs. Chow checked out the famous Taipei night market and got surround by fans within 30 seconds after getting off the car.

Autumn's Concerto, Hi! My Sweetheart and Down With Love combined to make idol drama history last Sunday.  The total ratings for these three series broke the 15% share previously held by this genre.

Faye Wong continues to be missing from the rehearsals of the CCTV Spring Festival Gala.  Producers played a tape recording of the song "Legend" in her place.

Angelica Lee will marry director Oxide Pang of The Eye this weekend in Malaysia.  The couple has been dating for 7 years.

Because of You's Lego Li criticizes costar Baron Chen for being difficult.....possibly a move to promote their struggling idol drama?

Director John Woo rumored to be making a new movie about American SWAT team defending Taiwan against the Japanese army during WWII.

Scantily clad Esther Liu on the cover of FHM.

Tiffany Hsu attended The Festival of God`s Power Conference with Autumn's Concerto costar Van Ness Wu.  She said she doesn't need permission from boyfriend Ethan Ruan for everything.

James Wen releases photo book about Hokkaido.  Will he release a pictorial album in the future?  James Wen said if everyone likes his body so much, he will prepare for next time.

Mark Chao's debut in the mainland variety Happy Camp was met with success.  Media suspects his popularity was inspired by the obsession that Xiao S has over him.

Jay Chou's Pandamen received some harsh criticisms after it premiered in the mainland.  All is not lost as he can celebrate about being voted "The Most Valuable Stock" in Cheers magazine, ahead of director Ang Lee.

Matilda Tao and Hsu Nai-Lin add fire to fuel in the real-life Rashomon between Wu Rui-Ying (former Executive Vice President of 1111 Job Bank) and variety shows regular Ada Pan.  Ada Pan denies having any affair with Wu Rui-Ying, but Wu openly declares that he has been in love with Ada for many years and even written love letters to her.  Matilda Tao criticized Wu Rui-Ying for openly expressing his wish to get back with his wife, despite being in love with another women.  His reason: "My wife will be the one pushing me around when I"m in a wheelchair."


Source: Chinatimes, UDN

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